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Forbidden Acts During Ihram Ability (Hajj) Abortion Adhan and Iqamah Adoption Adultery Adulthood Alcohol Animals Arbaeen Pilgrims Artificial Insemination Autopsy Azadari Backbiting Bathing Beard Beer Beliefs Birth Control Black Clothes Black Gammon Black Magic Blood Blood Donation Bolugh Bribery Bullfighting Business Buying & Selling Cat Hair Chat between Male & Female Cheating Cheese Chess Child Custody Clogne & Perfume Cloning Clothing Co-education Cockfight Combining Prayers Congregational Prayers Contraceptives Copyrights Cosmetics Crescent Sighting Dancing Death Related Issues Depositing Money Dissimulation Divorce Diyah (blood money) Doubts Drawing Dreams Dress Code Dues Eating & Drinking Eid Crescent Eid Prayer Ejaculation Endowment (Waqf) Entertainment Ethical Issues Fast Broken Intentionally Fasting Fasting and Breastfeeding Fasting and Education Fasting and Illness Fasting and Intimacy Fasting and Janabah Fasting and Long Days Fasting and Masturbation Fasting and Niyah Fasting and Old Age Fasting and Pregnancy Fasting and Puberty Fasting and Thirst Fasting and Weakness Fasting and Work Films and Videos Fish Following a Mujtahid Food Forgery French-cut Beard Friday Prayer Friendship Funeral Prayer Gambling Games Gelatin Ghina (Songs) Ghusl Gifts Gold Goldquest Graves Haiz Hajj Halal & Haram Foods Hand Practice Hand-shaking Hijab (Islamic Dress) Holy Names Horse Race Hypnotism Iddah (waiting period) Identifying the Most Learned Mujtahid Ihram Inheritance Insurance Interaction in Social Life Interest Investment Invocation of Jinn Islamic Dress Code Islamic Slaughtering Istibra Istikhara Jabirah Janabah Jumah Prayer Justice Kaffarah Khums Kissing Koran Lamentation Laws in non-Muslim Countries Leather Products Loan Looking Lottery Lying Make-up Male and Female Relations Marriage Mass Prayer Masturbation Matches Matrimonial Obligations Maturity Meat Medical Issues Menses Migration to non-Muslim Countries Miscellaneous Mixed Gatherings Modest Dress Moon Sighting Mortgage Mosque Mourning Movies Mozarebah Music Musical Instrument Mutah Nafaqah Nafilah Prayer Nahjul Balaghah Nail Polish Najasat Namaz Network Marketing Nifas Night Prayer Non-Muslims Oath Organ Donation Ornaments Paintings Palmistry People of the Book Perfume & Clogne Period Permanent Marriage Pictures Polytheism Pork Pornography Prayer Prayer behind a Sunni Prayer Leader Prayer Timings Pre-marital Relation Prostration Purity Qasam Qasr Prayers Qaza Prayers and Fasts Qibla Quran Rules of Sa'y Rules of Slaughtering Sexual Intercourse Tashahhud Tattoos Tawaf Tawaf on a Newly Built Circular Bridge Wrestling Wudhu Zakat Ahl-e Kitab theology